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Look After My Car


Getting behind the wheel of your brand-new lease car for the first time is a fantastic feeling. And if you’re interested in protecting your vehicle and limiting risk for the length of your contract, we have partnered with 'Look After My Car', who may be able to help.


When you lease a car or a van with Fleet UK, you will be invited to receive exclusive access to ‘Look After My Car’, an online membership-only portal offering access to a range of insurance products and complimentary services that may help reduce risk to you or your vehicle.

Look After My Car offers three types of protection that you might want to consider. When you lease a car from Fleet UK, you have the option to take one of these products for three months, completely free of charge*.  After the three months free trial, it’s your choice whether you extend or take additional products.

As a member, you will also get access to exclusive services, including discounted rates on mobile tyres, wheels and body repairs. Best of all, you can stay a member for the entire length of your lease and take advantage of any new offers as they become available.

* 3 months free insurance offers available for up to 30 days after delivery.



GAP Insurance

If your vehicle is written off or stolen, there is a risk that the insurance settlement may be significantly less than the outstanding finance, or even the price you paid for the vehicle.

This is because your insurer will typically only pay the market value of the vehicle at the time of loss, and vehicles lose value quickly in the first year and then at a slower rate as they get older.

GAP insurance guide

Tyre & Alloy Insurance

Alloy wheels make your car look great; however, scuffs and scrapes can be a frustratingly common occurrence, leaving your wheels damaged and unsightly.

The problem is that when they’re damaged, not only do these marks affect the visual appearance of your new car, it also loses value.  With Tyre and Alloy Insurance, you can keep your wheels in pristine condition by having them repaired as the damage happens.

If a wheel is beyond repair, you can claim back up to £150 towards the cost of a replacement wheel. Likewise, replacing a damaged tyre can be costly and is particularly annoying when it was due to no fault of your own.

Tyre & Alloy Insurance can protect you against such unexpected costs, whether accidental or malicious damage, with no excess to pay.

SMART Insurance

Historically, vehicles needing cosmetic repair due to scratches or dents would have required a conventional bodyshop - which is expensive and time-consuming.

Thankfully, much of this damage can now be repaired at a time that suits you using SMART (Small Minor Area Repair Techniques), meaning your vehicle looks good as new by repairing damage as it happens. Any repair is also guaranteed for the length of your ownership.

How to claim your free 3-month trial

Do you want to try out the GAP Insurance, Tyre & Alloy Insurance or the SMART Insurance for three months completely FREE?  Now that your new vehicle’s delivery details have been confirmed, you should have received an email from Look After My Car inviting you to complete your registration. Don’t worry if you haven’t - it’ll be arriving soon!