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Help 4 Young Drivers Scheme


Helping young drivers get on the road

Whether you've just passed your test or you've been driving for a few years, having your own car is a huge part of the freedom driving provides.  The problem is that you can’t always afford to purchase the car that you want outright.   

That is why Fleet UK has created a Help 4 Young Drivers, a new and affordable scheme to enable 18 to 21 years olds to lease a new or nearly-new car of their dreams.

  • Available to customers aged 18 to 21 years old in full-time employment
  • We will waive the usual £234 admin fee to help keep your costs down
  • Personal Lease deals from under £200 (inc. VAT) per month
  • Our lowest initial rental deposit of 1 month



SAVE £234

SAVE £234

Young drivers might not have much financial capital to get their first car, so to help you take out your first lease we will waive our £234 processing fee for the cost of our Brokering services.



Get a car that is reliable and fitted with the latest safety and in-car technology for fixed monthly payments under £200 per month.



Our Help 4 Young Drivers scheme is exclusive to new customers aged 18-21 and with a good credit rating score. Check your credit rating to find out if you are likely to be accepted for personal leasing finance.

What you need to qualify for the scheme


• You must be aged 18-21 years old

• You must be in full-time employment

• You need a very good to excellent credit score.  Learn where and how to check your credit score for free here.

• You must be registered on the electoral roll at your home address


Help 4 Young Drivers FAQs


Can I lease a car with only a provisional driving licence?

Unfortunately, to lease a car with our financial providers you need to be able to hold a full UK-valid driving licence.


Can a parent take out a leasing agreement on my behalf?

The simple answer is no. ‘Accommodation Finance’ is where another person looks to take out a lease agreement on behalf of someone else. For example, this could include a parent looking to take out a lease for their son or daughter. 

While ‘Accommodation Finance’ is not illegal as such, it is strictly forbidden by finance providers as they are concerned they might not be able to retrieve the money they lent if there was a contract breach. 

Also, not declaring that the person taking out the lease is not the main driver is illegal and both parties involved (the person applying for the finance and the person that they taking out the lease for) could be charged with fraud.


What is the minimum length of the contract?

Although our typical lease contracts range between 2 to 4 years, depending on the vehicle and contract you select, you will find the best deals will be for contracts ranging from 3 to 4 years.

Please note that if you take out a 4 year Personal Contract Hire agreement, you will be responsible for the MOT requirements as specified by the finance company in the last year of the contract.


Can I still lease using the Help 4 Young Drivers scheme if I'm 22 or older?

Customers aged 22 years or more will not be exempt from paying our £234 processing fee for our brokering services, which is free to customers aged 21 or under.  However, we can still offer some fantastic deals with only one-month initial rental fee and fixed monthly payments for £200 or under to customers aged 22 or more.


Can I pay the initial rental fee by debit or credit card?

Your initial rental has to be paid by direct debit from the same account that your monthly rentals are taken from.  This is to counteract financial fraud such as money laundering and to protect the finance provider and yourself.


What's included in the Personal Contract Hire agreement?

• Road tax

• Manufacturer's warranty

• Breakdown Cover

• Free delivery to any UK mainland address

What are the benefits of Personal Contract Hire?

Do you want to know more about the benefits of Personal Contract Hire? View our video which explains why it could be a better option if you want to be able to drive a new or nearly-new car.

View lease deals under £200 per month