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Why it's vital to lease with a BVRLA member?


Whether you're leasing a car or a commercial vehicle, you should always check whether the leasing broker has the BVRLA logo advertised on their website or their marketing literature. The BVRLA, established in 1967, is a trade body set up to oversee companies involved in the leasing, rental and fleet management of vehicles for both personal and corporate customers. The BVRLA encourages all 100+ members to trade ethically, offer transparent pricing, provide clear terms and conditions, and deliver high-quality customer service standards.


As a BVRLA member, Fleet UK is audited or inspected by the BVRLA to ensure we have all the required licences and operate from an established commercial place of business. We must also strictly adhere to their mandatory Code of Conduct, which is in place to ensure all customers receive the highest of standards and that customers receive safe and roadworthy vehicles and be given accurate advertising and provided with clear information on our products and services.

Who is the BVRLA?

The British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Authority Association (BVRLA) is the UK trade body for companies engaged in the leasing, rental and fleet management of cars and commercial vehicles for business and consumer users. The BVRLA code of conduct details the strict standards it expects its members to achieve in all aspects of the brokering of leased vehicles. 

BVRLA membership ensures that customers can expect to receive the highest levels of integrity and professionalism when using a BVRLA member.  The BVRLA achieves this by enforcing industry standards and regulatory compliance via its mandatory Codes of Conduct, inspection regime, government-approved Alternative Dispute Resolution service and an extensive range of learning and development programmes.

As a Leasing Broker Member of the BVRLA, Fleet UK adheres fully to the above.

What is the BVRLA?

The BVRLA was established in 1967, and they now represent over 970 companies involved in vehicle leasing, rental and fleet management.  Their full list of members accounts for a combined fleet of four million cars, trucks, and vans - one in ten of all vehicles on the UK's roads.

In combination with its members, the BVRLA works with policymakers, public sector agencies, regulators, and other important stakeholders to ensure that road transport delivers environmental, social and economic benefits to everyone. BVRLA members are leading the charge to decarbonise road transport and are set to register 400,000 new battery-electric cars and vans per year by 2025.

How do leasing brokers become BVRLA members?


As a reliable, trustworthy and ethical leasing broker, being a member of the BVRLA is a mark of our quality and professionalism. It provides our customers with the reassurance that they are dealing with a company that meets the highest industry standards.


To qualify for BVRLA membership, we must abide by their rules and follow their best practice guidelines, which is no problem for us. Fleet UK wants to deliver the best service we can, so the Code of Conduct guides us along the way.


The BVRLA has over 970 members, divided into four categories of membership:


Corporate membership


Open to companies who provide short and long-term rental or management of fleet cars, vans and trucks.


Leasing broker membership


Available to finance brokers acting as an intermediary in the leasing of cars, vans and trucks. The BVRLA has over 300 leasing broker members, representing a significant majority of the professional leasing broker market.


Rental broker membership


Membership of this category is available to rental brokers who provide services to corporate customers only on behalf of BVRLA members.


Associate membership


An associate membership benefits companies who supply goods or services to the motoring industry, as it allows them to align their brand with the BVRLA.





Regulations that Fleet UK abides by as a member of the BVRLA


As a member of the BVRLA, we follow a strict code of conduct policy.

You can download or view the full BVRLA Code of Conduct booklet containing the rules we must follow as a Leasing Broker Member of the BVRLA here.

We have also listed some of the key aspects of the Code of Conduct further below.

The BVRLA promotes ethical trading, straightforward pricing, transparent terms and conditions, high-quality vehicles and impressive customer service standards. As a BVRLA member, we must comply with their standards regarding pre-contract procedures, support during the lifetime of the contract, end of contract procedures and complaint handling.

If a member of the BVRLA breaks their code of conduct, it can result in severe consequences.  If a member has breached the BVRLA's regulations numerous times, the BVRLA can cancel their membership.

Some examples of the Code of Conduct we follow include:


  • Provide transparent pricing for products and services
  • Never misrepresent any information about our products or services
  • Resolve customer complaints to BVRLA standards
  • Behave with integrity at all times
  • Provide customers with the information they need to make an informed decision
  • Operate from an established place of business that is maintained to a professional standard
  • Never mislead or make inaccurate statements in promotional materials
  • Display the BVRLA logo
  • Employees are sufficiently trained and guided on the BVRLA Code of Conduct



How does being a BVRLA member benefit our customers?


When taking out a long term personal or business contract, which is a significant financial commitment, you want reassurance that you will be given all the necessary information to make an informed decision.

This is why you should always choose to lease a vehicle through a BVRLA member, because not only do they share the same values as the BVRLA, but you are also protecting yourself.

You can purchase with us and have peace of mind knowing that we will not mislead you about pricing, products or services.  You can be assured that the BVRLA has rigorously checked our promotional literature for accuracy and quality of information.

By choosing Fleet UK, a member of the BVRLA, you will receive all of the correct information when you need it.  Our customer service guidelines ensure that if something doesn't make sense to you, one of our team can explain it all to you.

As a BVRLA member, we ensure that all of our team have been fully trained in the BVRLA Code of Conduct, understand the processes and guidelines laid out by the BVRLA and provide you with the highest level of service throughout your leasing journey.



How do I know if a company is part of the BVRLA?


Every BVRLA member must display the BVRLA logo on all of their promotional material and on their website. 



You can also check here for confirmation that Fleet UK is a current member of the BVRLA.


Give yourself some added protection by looking for the BVRLA logo because it is a symbol of excellence.




By choosing a leasing provider who is a member of the BVRLA, you will get the following benefits:


  • All advertising material and contracts are vetted for accuracy
  • No hidden surprises at the end-of-contract, as all fees and prices are explained and agreed upon before the contract starts
  • Our employees are trained to a high standard to ensure they always comply with the BVRLA's Code of Conduct and provide you with the highest level of service
  • Provide customers with all the information they need to make an informed purchase decision
  • We will behave with integrity at all times and will not mislead you with any of our products or services
  • We will always provide transparent pricing regarding our products that are sold via any of our sales channels.
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